Community Investing for Smarter Collaboration

Collaboration, well planned and implemented, increases philanthropic ROI. Our mission: impactful Israel and Diaspora collaboration. 


Yuval Harari illustrates how collaboration sets us apart from jellyfish. A safer, healthier world for ourselves and future generations is an obvious benefit of social innovation made more effective and efficient by collaboration.  The myth of the lone genius has given way to inspiring examples such as  Jon Medved's for-profit crowdfunding to accelerate innovation.  TSIBER focuses on key challenge areas: Food & Water, Energy, Security, Health Care, and Communications. 


TSIBER enhances the community motivated to profit by meeting these challenges through publishing (podcasts, eBooks, and MOOCs), Impact Conferences and Seminars, Executive Education,  scholarships and fellowships, Faculty exchanges, Global Immersion Programs, and Treks. is a 501c3 non-profit (award letter here



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